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Us in the media/Nosotros en los medios


  • A conversation about the HSL and her research program: The Dissenter

  • Why communities should get to choose their climate-change adaptations: WSU Insider

  • The evolution of flexibility in human intergroup behavior: Aeon

  • Why are humans so tolerant towards out-groups? Daily Mail, R&D Magazine

  • Do we pick out-group friends by the same criteria as in-group friends?

  • We are more likely to believe negative information than positive: The Atlantic, The Guardian, Vox

  • Our work in visual anthropology/nuestro trabajo en antropología visual: Artesanía de los Mosetenes


  • A conversation about his research program, especially his fieldwork in Tanzania: The Dissenter

  • Work with the Hadza recognized as among the most influential psychology research of the last 100 years: Science News

Our classes/Nuestros cursos